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We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors for their invaluable support, which makes Commodity Trading Week London not just possible but exceptional. Our sponsors are industry leaders and innovators committed to advancing the field of commodity trading. Their expertise and resources help us to offer a diverse and enriching program, featuring the latest trends, technologies, and best practices shaping the future of the commodity markets.

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Molecule is the modern and reliable ETRM/CTRM. Built in the cloud with an intuitive, easy-to-use experience at its core, Molecule is the alternative to the complex systems of the past. With near real-time reporting, 30-plus integrations, and headache-free implementations, Molecule gets your ETRM/CTRM out of your way - because you have more valuable things to do with your time.

Molecule provides next-generation P&L, and near real-time VaR and position reporting for companies that trade any kind of commodity. Molecule can be used for power, natural gas, crude oil, renewables, biofuels, liquids, metals, agricultural products, softs and FX futures/options. Find out more at MOLECULE.IO.

Founded in 2016, cQuant.io is an industry leader in analytic solutions for energy and commodity companies. Specializing in Total Portfolio Analysis, cQuant’s cloud-native SaaS platform simulates all risk factors, optimizes portfolio decisions, and includes dynamic reports and dashboards for better decision making. cQuant’s customers have greater insight into their financial forecasts and the drivers of value and risk in their business. 

cQuant is a team of senior quantitative model developers, experienced energy analysts, software developers and cloud infrastructure experts. Leveraging decades of energy experience, cQuant is committed to serving the present and future analytic landscape with the most accurate models and highest performance in the industry. The field of analytics is changing rapidly and cQuant is dedicated to offering the latest advantages to their customers. 
capSpire is a global consulting and solutions company that creates, customizes, and implements value-driving technology for commodity-focused organizations. Fueled by direct industry experience in commodities trading, risk management and analytics, they offer expertise in business process advisory, managed services and operations consulting.
Digiterre is a software and data engineering consultancy that enables technological and organisational transformation for many of the world’s leading organisations. We envisage, design and deliver software and data engineering solutions that users want, need and love to use.

We deliver “Agility at Greater Velocity”, because we care about creating outstanding outcomes and because we take ownership for solving the toughest technical challenges. As a result of this approach, we typically deliver high-risk, high-profile and time-constrained projects in less time than competitors, often significantly so.


McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm. We are the trusted advisor to the world’s leading businesses, governments, and institutions. We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients and, often, to the world. In the energy sector we serve traditional utilities, oil majors, renewables players, new entrants including start-ups, developers or water utilities.

Fuelled by digital technologies, we guide companies through lasting transformations to create the change that matters. As our industry experiences once in a century transition, we build and share knowledge and experience promoting the triple aim of sustainable, reliable, affordable energy for all.

Subject Matter Expert

enspired is a fully digital power trading-as-a-service company headquartered in Vienna. We drive the energy transition by enabling our clients to bring flexible assets to power spot markets and capture their full value with our augmented trading services. Our platform for augmented trading is the fastest on the market and utilize AI models to leverage vast amounts of data in real-time.
‍The enspired team consists of leading algorithmic traders, data scientists and technology enthusiasts who firmly believe that the way power is traded will soon change drastically – in our world, there is no room for trading screens and traditional optimization. We are actively trading on German and the UK power markets, supporting customers in several countries in Europe and plan to expand even further.

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emsys VPP is a pioneer in the development of Virtual Power Plants and ranks as a leading international provider. Our sophisticated technology is offered as a Software-as-a-Service solution and digitally connects decentralized power generators, storage facilities and controllable consumers via a common control room. It is used by numerous energy suppliers and aggregators to monitor, remotely control, and profitably market aggregated electricity production.
emsys vpp
With its precise wind and solar power forecasts and comprehensive consulting services, energy & meteo systems is one of the major international providers of forward-looking services and IT products for the market and grid integration of renewable energies. Power traders, aggregators, grid operators as well as solar and wind farm operators on all continents rely on our digital solutions and sound expertise to manage the energy transition.
energy & meteo systems
FIS is a leading provider of technology solutions for merchants, banks and capital markets firms globally. Our more than 55,000 people are dedicated to advancing the way the world pays, banks and invests by applying our scale, deep expertise and data-driven insights. We help our clients use technology in innovative ways to solve business-critical challenges and deliver superior experiences for their customers. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, FIS is a Fortune 500® company and is a member of Standard & Poor’s 500® Index.
deltaconX regulatory platform is an innovative software service catering for European Financial & Energy Market participants enabling our customers to meet various regulatory requirements all over the globe such as EMIR, REMIT, MiFIR/MiFID II, FMIA, US-Dodd Frank, MAS, HKMA, ASIC, etc.
Through full automation and dynamic error handling, reporting processes are massively simplified, minimising manual workload and human errors.
At deltaconX we harness technology to make regulatory compliance processes fast, easy and cost effective.
Fidectus’ Global Energy Network (GEN) delivers fully automated management of your entire over the counter (OTC) post-trade lifecycle; including regulatory reporting, electronic Confirmation Matching, electronic Settlement Matching, bilateral netting, multilateral netting, financing, and payment for energy and commodities markets.

GEN enables you to reduce your counterparty risk, increase your operational efficiency and scale. It also helps you to increase the speed of counterparty onboarding, improve your PnL and better manage your liquidity. We provide you tools to better manage your working capital.

GEN supports multiple standards as ISDA, EFET electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM), EFET electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) etc. Furthermore, you can connect easily and quickly to GEN via multiple channels as Restful API, SFTP, Email, SharePoint, cognitive OCR etc.) and formats (e.g. xml, json, csv etc.). That means you can handle and control all your inbound and outbound post trade workflows in one solution.
Sparta enables traders to identify opportunities with complete clarity and conviction. We are built by traders, for traders, so we know the competitive advantage you need is to be able to identify and capture opportunities first. We know that your current processes make that difficult. We know that maximising your speed to market will give you the edge. We know that you need intelligence and insights, not just data. We know that you want to trade, not just populate spreadsheets. That’s why we built the first and only all-in-one pricing, forecasting and live intelligence platform to deliver actionable, tradable market insights. Sparta sources and cleans high-quality data from world-leading brokerages and data houses, then analyses and interprets that data for you in real-time, enabling you to confidently determine where opportunities exist, maximise your speed to market and, ultimately, trade with conviction.


Digital commodity solutions by commodities experts.
ClearDox® allows commodity-intensive businesses to secure a competitive advantage by digitizing and automating critical document-intensive processes. ClearDox provides the only intelligent automation platform created for commodity companies by commodity experts. By unlocking data across their business interactions embedded in hundreds of types of documents, our clients improve operational efficiencies and resiliency, while making smarter decisions.

ClearDox is unique in the space by offering turnkey solutions across agriculture, metals, renewables, oil, and gas, covering vital processes including trade confirmations and inventory/transportation management, along with invoice and letter of credit processing. At the core is a patented multi-faceted AI approach that intelligently extracts the appropriate data for processing and automates the reconciliation process.
KYOS Commodity Risk Solutions understands the needs of commodity market players. We have worked for decades in commodity and energy trading. Especially if you are dealing with multiple commodities such as raw materials, ingredients, packaging, energy for production – with all of these: we support you with excellent trading and risk management software and services, incorporating best-in-class financial modelling techniques.
Equias is a proven partner that provides innovative, cost-effective solutions and services for the energy trading community.
We develop advanced solutions for the automation of energy trading processes, based on open market standards. We focus on optimisation and adding value through technical insights and innovations that are equitable and accessible to all our clients.
At ETW Online you will hear more about Equias eTM, electronic Trade Monitoring and Equias eSM, electronic Settlement Matching. The trade and monitoring regulatory compliance service, eTM, is built for the European energy markets. It is configurable to your company’s unique situation and approach to monitoring.
eTM is the most popular solution in the industry complying with MAR and mitigating risk under REMIT.eSM allows you to remove discrepancies and errors from settlement data, enabling automated payments to drive shorter (even daily) settlement cycles. Equias eSM is the only EFET compliant solution, ready for use and tested by early movers.
Empowering business performance in energy markets.
Brady Technologies enables energy market participants to profit in new ways from the green energy transition, supporting Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) requirements. We provide software solutions to support above market returns, resilient risk management and scheduling in volatile markets.
Our customers include globally renowned organisations from utilities, independent power producers, renewable asset developers, energy trading firms, oil & gas companies, state power grid operators and commodity trading firms. Whether engaged financial or physical trading, on major exchanges or over-the-counter, we help market participants to realise revenue growth across the trading life cycle.
Dexter Energy provides leading AI-based forecasting and trade optimization products that help short-term energy traders managing a RES portfolio reduce their balancing costs by up to 35%.
Gain an edge in Trading Firm Efficiency, Compliance, and Risk Management with BroadPeak.
Business users drive trade data management, transaction surveillance, regulatory reporting, and position limits.
Benefit from certified connections for trades and orders directly from venues, brokers, and trading systems.
Value Creed is a unique team of energy experts with deep expertise in every stage of the commodity value chain as well as CTRM platform ownership from process design & software selection through run/operate maturity. Specializing in both complex projects and day-to-day CTRM managed services, we support thousands of CTRM users/ energy market participants 24/7/365.
As an ISO 9001 certified company and member of Inc. 5000’s list of America’s fastest- growing private companies, we adhere to the best quality management practices and you can rely on us to maintain our quality and stability in all advisory & CTRM services.
Publicis Sapient was born in the digital age, so we’re perfectly placed to modernize and optimize the way companies work, or to change their business model completely. Our work enriches the experience of people who engage with their brand in either a B2B or B2C capacity.

Energy and commodities trading is where we started out, and we’re still going strong. We’ve disrupted a traditional industry, bringing it into the digital age and offering more choice when it comes to E/CTRM. Our digital utilities team ensures that new or existing services are modernized in ways that enrich the life of the business or the end consumer, whether that’s more efficient business processes or smarter interfaces to warm the home.
Volue is one of Europe’s largest enterprise software companies and has pioneered green technology for five decades.
Volue is the result of the fusion of four companies: Powel, Markedskraft, Scanmatic and Wattsight. The companies were rebranded in January 2021. Two additional companies have been added to Volue since: Likron and ProCom GmbH.
Volue delivers software, insight and services for energy production, trading and distribution. It was created to fast track the green transition while securing the availability of the core services society relies on – energy, power grid, water and infrastructure.
Volue enables new and existing players to prepare for the future of energy, water supply and infrastructure building. It is a reliable partner for anyone committed to sustainably managing the challenges of the climate crisis.
In Europe, more than 350 TWh of annual power generation is planned and optimized using Volue solutions. Getting the most out of existing power plants is a serious contribution to sustainability.
Energy Exemplar: Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia – with offices in the US, Europe, North and South America, and Asia – Energy Exemplar helps 500+ customers, comprising a large share of the world’s top energy market stakeholders across 80 countries, to analyse scenarios for the most accurate outcomes while supporting their organisational and digital transformation. Through their PLEXOS® platform, the market-leading integrated energy simulation software, Energy Exemplar supplies solutions across the electric, gas and renewable markets and supports infrastructure projects worldwide.

Energy Exemplar also provides cutting-edge capabilities for energy trading companies. By leveraging PLEXOS®, users can digitally replicate real-world energy markets, incorporating comprehensive datasets related to electric power, water, and gas. This powerful simulation capability allows users to explore various scenarios and understand the potential risks and opportunities associated with different market conditions. The sophisticated capabilities of PLEXOS facilitate crucial tasks such as trading, generation scheduling, capacity expansion, and market analysis across multiple industry sectors. Energy market participants can gain valuable insights into price forecasting, market trends, and supply-demand dynamics, enhancing their ability to optimise trading strategies and mitigate risks.

ETR Advisory provides expert advice, support and training in the application of regulations to the Energy, Commodities and Financial markets. Our detailed knowledge of the rules such as REMIT, MiFID II, EMIR, MAR, SFTR and the relevant parts of Brexit as well as the technology platforms and solutions around them permits us to help our clients navigate and implement the best solutions while being ready for the future. Since being founded in May 2013, ETR has advised over eighty market participants, software houses, trading platforms and repositories. We run the blog at www.energytradingregulation.com, which provides news and thoughts about regulatory developments in one place.
Energy One is a global supplier of software products and services to wholesale energy, environmental and carbon trading markets.

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:EOL) since 2007, but with more than 15 years of market experience, the Energy One Group of companies has a successful track record of providing sophisticated, practical solutions and services to Australasian and European companies operating in the fast-paced 24/7 wholesale energy marketplace.

The Energy One Group is the largest supplier of 24/7 operational energy services in Australia and the second largest in Europe. Combining software with a premium service offering gives Energy One an enviable position in facilitating the entry of distributed renewable energy into national markets around the globe.
CorreggioNET’s geographical scope: power and gas market coverage Over time, we plan to extend the services of CorreggioNET to cover all EU markets and beyond, in line with the business needs of our subscribers. CorreggioNET is covering 30+ jurisdictions in Europe, including countries in the Balkans, Turkey, Ukraine and Moldova.

Correggio Consulting is an independent international consultancy based in Brussels. We specialise in regulatory advisory services for the gas, electricity and renewable sectors. Correggio Consulting is best known for its Correggio Digest, covering energy market regulatory and policy developments across Europe.


Commodity First: is a leading consultancy firm in energy trading. As a sponsor of the Energy Trading Week 2023, we are excited to showcase our expertise and commitment to driving innovation, optimization, and growth in this dynamic industry.

Managed by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in energy trading, technology, and management consulting, CommodityFirst is uniquely positioned to address challenges faced by utilities, trading houses, and investment banks. With a European presence and global reach, CommodityFirst delivers tailored solutions enabling clients to thrive in regional and international markets.
PowerBot is an algorithmic trading platform for short-term power markets such as EPEX Spot and Nord Pool with a particular focus on features for data science and machine learning. It allows for easy automation of intraday trading desks with integrated standard algorithms and own custom strategies.
Atmospheric (adjective) – relating to the atmosphere of the earth or another planet.
G2 (noun) – In depth information about any person or thing; An intelligence report.
AG2 was founded to accelerate innovations in global weather and environmental insights for risk management. AG2 Trader (formerly WSI Trader) is the world’s leading weather decision support platform for energy trading. We intend to accelerate investment to continue delivering unique, market-leading insights to customers around the world.
WEYTEC – No. 1 for Workflow- and Workplace Solutions in Control Rooms and on Trading Floors.
With over 35 years of experience, WEYTEC is the specialist for high-performance workplaces in Control Rooms and Trading Floors. Our integrated turnkey solutions are scalable and long-lasting. They dramatically simplify day-to-day tasks for operators and traders, making their workflows more precise, efficient and cost-effective.
Morningstar is a trusted source in data management solutions that provide clients with actionable information in the energy, commodities and financial sectors. Our enterprise-level software enables you to access and analyze proprietary and market data to facilitate collaboration and help make better investment decisions. Traders, risk managers, IT, analysts, and executives look to us to power their enterprise and take action with confidence.
Ventriks help customers accelerate and enable actionable information with the cloud-native Ventriks Data Platform. Unbounded by scale, flexibility and data type, organisations can extend and mature their data management and analytical workloads using data-application ready connectors, automated workflows and an advanced business rules management system, supported by a Digital Data Marketplace. Ventriks powers the complete data journey across all industries and geographies.

Ventriks Data Platform (VDP) is a cloud-native and cloud-agnostic solution, built for data teams by data teams, that enables users to work and collaborate with any data, unbounded by scale, performance, and flexibility. VDP offers a faster and more efficient platform to ingest, transform, and orchestrate data workloads with no-code data connectivity and engineering, automated inter-application workflow and powerful data targeted components.

Ventriks Data Marketplace (VDM) provides data partners the opportunity to attract and engage with a wider audience and our clients to have a better experience in sourcing, monetising, procuring, and sharing data content.
GMSL is the market leader in gas and power scheduling software, comprehensive 24/7 managed services and communications for the energy trading industry.

From our off­ice in Cambridge, we work with more than 80 leading energy companies across over 30 gas and power markets, streamlining business processes.

Companies can rely on GMSL’s expertise, built up over 25 years. Our mission is to enable easy access to the energy markets, through high-quality B2B communications, software and 24/7 operations.

Our SaaS solutions for gas and power scheduling enables our customers to gain access quickly and easily to new markets and takes the complication out of managing the scheduling process. There’s nothing to install, and easy to use interfaces and an intuitive web front end gives the operator full insight into their portfolio status.

Companies wishing to focus on commercial activities rather than the day-to-day scheduling and operations can outsource this activity to GMSL. Our experienced and knowledgeable 24/7 Operations Team can provide a tailored service covering all aspects of scheduling and portfolio management on behalf of our customers for portfolios large and small.

Contact GMSL at enquiries@gmsl.co.uk to find out more.
RJC Group is a niche recruitment company to the energy trading market focusing on software development and business change. Through our unique network we provide high calibre candidates and focus on building long term relationships with our candidates and clients.
MetDesk specialises in providing comprehensive weather data and forecasting services tailored to the energy trading sector. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a team of experienced meteorologists, we deliver accurate, timely, and actionable insights to optimise energy trading, asset management, and operational decision-making. With the new to market MDai model and customisable solutions that sit within the ‘Trading Weather’ platform, traders can seize opportunities in dynamic markets with confidence. From intraday to seasonal forecasting, we cater to each client's unique needs. As the trusted partner to over 230 trading desks globally, we're committed to innovation and reliability, helping energy trading desks navigate weather-related challenges and gain strategic advantages.
At Previse Systems, we fundamentally reshape the way Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) software is designed, implemented, and operated. We offer a highly performant SaaS solution for European electricity, natural gas and certificates trading – combining modern software architecture with the latest available tools and technology.
As a conceptual innovation, we build on the notion of “community”, with an infrastructure for energy companies to leverage synergies through collaboration in the IT domain.
The goal of this is simple: better software, faster and at lower cost. We create software without any legacy burden. Our data structure follows accepted market standards, which drives easy and fast data migrations, and is also a core factor of strong system performance. We develop software that is both optimized for today’s energy trading, and ready for the changes anticipated in the markets in the coming years.
With our open App Store, we have the solution to the classic question of “buy vs. build” by proposing an optimal equilibrium. For the development of individual, regional, or otherwise specific functionality, our App Store introduces a flexibility of choices and alternatives, as well as a speed of realization not seen before in this industry.
With Previse Systems, energy companies are well equipped to master the challenges of a fast-evolving environment.
VTC Energy provides end-to end energy management solutions with a holistic perspective to make industries digitally transform and save cost.

Our flagship product V-Gen, energy trading management software, seamlessly integrates participants in energy markets with the market operator’s offerings, facilitating digital transactions across day-ahead, intraday, and ancillary services markets. It provides your energy trading transactions via EPEX and Nordpool with maximum efficiency and different offer breakdowns. With real-time integrations, web-based accessibility, and cost-effective installation, V-Market offers a fast, error-free, and centralized solution for energy market participants.

The next generation IIoT product V-Sensor collects huge amount of data coming from plants and translates them into value streams for energy processes. Real-time dashboards provide users a seamless monitoring experience with full of control over distributed devices all around the globe.

Our forecasting solution V-Forecast is a self-learning and self-calibrating system which is based on AI, Machine Learning and Statistical Models. It is powerful and accurate, yet easy-to-use and quick to implement. It can be up and running in hours or even minutes.
Eaglecliff Recruitment is a distinguished leader in the field of Energy Trading Talent Acquisition, renowned for their unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation. With a rich history spanning decades, Eaglecliff has established itself as a trusted partner for both organisations seeking top-tier talent and individuals pursuing their career aspirations.

What sets Eaglecliff apart is its established database with Contractors who have worked with them for many years. This is combined with a commitment to a personalised service and deep understanding of the industries it serves. Their team of Recruitment experts possesses a wealth of experience across Energy Trading and IT, enabling them to offer tailored solutions that precisely meet the needs of clients and candidates alike.

At Eaglecliff, integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of every interaction. They prioritise building long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect, ensuring that every placement is a seamless fit for both parties.

Eaglecliff Recruitment leverages cutting-edge technology and innovative methodologies to streamline the recruitment process, delivering results with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.


Headquartered in Switzerland, Commodity Trading Club is the world's largest community of professionals in commodity trading, shipping, and finance, spanning the entire globe. We provide a broad spectrum of benefits, including exclusive business networking events and a cutting-edge commodity trading platform, fostering members' career and business growth.

association partners

Energy Traders Association (ETD) was founded by leading energy trading companies holding Electricity Wholesale Licenses in 2010 to promote liberal energy trading and development of sustainable, transparent and liquid markets in Turkey.  The Istanbul-based Association currently has 54 members.

ETD is mandated to facilitate and promote universal rules, regulations and standards enabling a fair trading environment towards a liberal energy market. ETD’s functions include not only the establishment of preliminary infrastructure ensuring transparent and accessible prices and market information for all, but also the introduction of a widely accepted standard contract and defining and establishment of an ethical code.  In order to fulfil its objectives, ETD cooperates with many national and international Governmental and Non-Governmental institutions.

In terms of national connections and works, ETD participates in and organizes joint working groups including both members of ETD and Institutions with Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Energy Markets Regulation Authority, Competition Board, TEİAŞ (Turkish System Operator), EPİAŞ (Energy Markets Operation Company), Istanbul Exchange etc. Main subjects of this joint work are liberalization and competition, standardization, legal infrastructure of both wholesale and retail trade issues, transparency. We are proud of being very active during process of foundation of EPİAŞ, structuring products transacted in Istanbul Exchange and development of volume and operational enhancement of OTC markets in Turkey.
The Society of Technical Analysts (STA) is one the largest not-for-profit Technical Analysis Society in the world. The STA’s main objective is to promote greater use and understanding of Technical Analysis and its role within behavioural finance as the most vital investment tool available. Joining us gains access to meetings, webinars, educational training, research and an international, professional network. Whether you are looking to boost your career or just your capabilities – the STA will be by your side equipping you with the tools and confidence to make better-informed trading and investment decisions in any asset class anywhere in the world.
The European Energy Retailers (EER) represent the voice of Independent Energy & Solution Providers in EU-wide policy discussions. In order to achieve a well-functioning retail energy market, new suppliers and service providers must be able to enter into and compete in the market on equal terms.
Energy Traders Europe promotes competition, transparency and open access in the European energy sector. We build trust in power and gas markets across Europe, so that they may underpin a sustainable and secure energy supply and enable the transition to a carbon neutral economy. We do this by; working to improve the functionality and design of European gas, electricity and associated markets for the benefit of the overall economy, society and especially end consumers; developing and maintaining standard wholesale supply contracts and standardising related transaction and business processes; and facilitating debate amongst TSOs, regulators, policy makers, traders and others in the value chain about the future of the European energy market. We represent more than 150 member companies, active in over 27 European countries.
AIGET: Associazione Italiana di Grossisti di Energia e Trader / The Italian Association of EnergyTraders & Suppliers (www.aiget.org).

Created in 2000, with the beginning of the liberalization of the Italian energy markets, AIGET represents and promotes the interests of the Italian and foreign entrants in the supply, trading & shipping of electricity, natural gas and related services & certificates. The main targets of the Association are the promotion of competition, transparency and liquidity in the Italian energy markets & supporting the development and standardization of tradable energy products and contracts, including energy & weather derivatives.


CTRMCenter™ is your source for everything ‘CTRM’. This online portal, managed by leading CTRM analysts – Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech), features the latest news, opinions, information, and insights on commodity markets technologies delivered by some of the industry’s leading experts and thought leaders. The site is visited by more than 1500 unique visitors per week. CTRMCenter also includes free access to all of ComTech’s research in the form of reports, white papers, interviews, videos, podcasts, blogs, and newsletters.


Trade Finance Global (TFG) is the leading trade finance platform. We assist companies to access trade and receivables finance facilities through our relationships with 270+ banks, funds and alternative finance houses.

TFG’s award winning educational resources serve an audience of 160k+ monthly readers (6.2m+ impressions) in print & digital formats across 187 countries, covering insights, guides, research, magazines, podcasts, tradecasts (webinars) and video.

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